Trends in Kitchen and Bath Design for 2023

From sustainable materials to hi-tech innovations, 2023 brings exciting new trends in kitchen and bath design remodeling.

Colors are warming up with natural wood tones taking over from grays, and homeowners want multifunctional and beneficial spaces that express their personal style.

Homeowners are also embracing a more curated look, with open shelves and glazed cupboards bringing in texture. Those looking to achieve this look can add on-trend gingham or tactile untreated linens, and add a touch of luxury with marble countertop surfaces.


Color is a powerful tool when it comes to kitchen and bath design. It can make a space feel bigger, smaller or cheerier and it can also be used to create a sense of harmony or balance. It is important to choose the colors carefully and use them wisely.

The color of your cabinets and walls can have a large impact on the style of your kitchen. Choosing the right colors for your new design will help to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family.

Warm colors like red, orange and yellow are known for their stimulating properties and can create a fun and lively environment. They are also very versatile and can be paired with other shades to create a truly unique look.

Blues, purples and greens are other great choices for a relaxing and calming atmosphere in your home. These colors can be matched with lighter shades of white and gray to keep the space feeling airy and open.

Green is a great choice for a welcoming and comfortable kitchen as it offers an opportunity to connect with nature. The color of trees, leaves, and grasses can have a soothing effect on the mind and the soul and is one of the most popular colors to choose for your next kitchen design.

Browns, dull yellows and other brown shades that are often linked with bad things should be avoided as they can have a negative effect on the mood of your home. These colors should be mainly used as accents or secondary tones in your overall design, and should never be the main focus of your design.

Lighter neutral colors like cream, greige and soft grey are still very popular. They allow the eye to easily see all the other elements in the space and help the eye to find balance, without being overbearing or overwhelming.

While some people may think that neutral colors are boring, they are actually very popular and have a lot of options to choose from. Many contemporary, modern kitchens feature neutral colors in order to maintain a simple color scheme and to avoid competing with other features in the space.


There are several trends in kitchen and bath design that have risen to the forefront of interior decor this year. They balance style and function while also offering homeowners a breath of fresh air. The latest designs showcase mellow beiges and earthy tones that evoke comfort and are influenced by the outdoors.

This is especially true in the kitchen where homeowners are opting for natural wood finishes, woven textures and golden sunset and greenery palettes to create a laid-back feel. They are also adding touches of blue and ochre to the mix, accented with brass hardware.

Another trend is the return of marble, a material that’s a staple in contemporary interiors but has recently gained popularity in the bathroom. It’s often seen as a focal point in modern homes and is available in a range of colors and veined shades to suit every style preference.

Responsibly sourced stone, steel and wood are all popular choices in bathroom and kitchen remodels. They are easy to clean, resistant to stains and heat, and can be customized with colors and textures.

Another trend is to combine different materials to create a statement bath design. One recommended combination would be marble with dark timbers, brass and metals to achieve a warm and vibrant look.

A glazed partition can help to break up an open kitchen and bath, providing a sense of privacy while allowing light and air to flow through the space. It can also provide a barrier between the kitchen and bath to keep smells contained.

Slab countertops in quartz, marble or granite, which blend naturally with the backsplash, are another popular choice for a sleek and sophisticated kitchen or bath design. Slabs are also low-maintenance and can be routed or cut into elegant shapes.

These materials are especially popular for the kitchen, where they can create a luxurious and modern aesthetic. They are also less porous than real stone, making them easy to clean.


Lighting is one of the most important elements in kitchen and bath design. It not only creates the perfect mood and brightness level for the space, it also enhances its aesthetics, safety and functionality.

There are many types of lighting fixtures, and each one should be considered for its functional purposes. These include ambient, task, accent and wall lighting.

The type of light fixture you select should reflect your preferences and the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Ambient lighting is generally used to set the tone of the room, while task lighting provides illumination for specific tasks.

Recessed lights are typically used for ambient lighting, and a ceiling or wall-mounted fixture is often used for task lighting. Pendants over islands and counters are also popular options for general lighting.

LEDs are becoming more common for both ambient and task lighting in kitchen and bath designs. This is because they can provide brighter and more energy-efficient light than traditional bulbs, as well as offer dimming capabilities.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, LEDs also help save money on energy costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They are becoming especially popular in California, where designers need to comply with the state’s stringent energy requirements.

Task lighting is a great way to highlight a wide range of objects in the kitchen, from a decorative hood fan or wine rack to artwork on the walls. It also provides the necessary illumination for food preparation or other activities that require focus and concentration.

For example, if you have a large piece of art that requires additional attention, recessed or adjustable low voltage fixtures are ideal. These light fixtures are easy to change the bulb, allowing you to add or remove a new piece of art without having to reinstall the entire fixture.

Choosing the right lighting for a kitchen or bath is not always easy, but it can make a huge difference in how a space looks and functions. It’s also a critical element to consider in any remodel project, as it can dramatically improve the overall market value of the home.

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