Ways a Deck can Transform Your Home and Life

A house should be a sanctuary – a home – a place where you would want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, watch the sun set, and create memories with your loved ones. One of the best places at home where you can enjoy these things is your deck. By definition, a deck is an outdoor space made of flat floors attached to the house. There are several types of decks depending on its style, location, and the material that it is made of.

For style, there are two existing types – the wraparound deck (one that encircles around the house) and the other is the Multi-tier deck (one that has levels – up and down). For location, there are three most common types: attached, detached and rooftop. There are three common types of materials used for building decks:

  1. Wood – The most affordable option and easy to install but requires more maintenance to help prevent deterioration.
  2. PVC – Made from polyvinyl chloride which is a high-strength plastic, also recognized as an affordable option and is low maintenance.
  3. Composite – A wood & plastic combo, has the positive characteristics of both wood and pvc, is low maintenance and a bit on the expensive side in comparison to the previous materials.

While there are a number of different options when it comes to outdoor living space, they aren’t nearly as versatile or practical as a deck. If you’re considering installing a deck onto your home, consider the following benefits.

  • Adds value to your home – Obviously, decks affect the total value of your house. It costs less yet it increases the value of your property. If you opt to sell your property in the future, one great way to increase its value is boosting its appeal is having a deck. This can depend on style, location, and material that the structure is made of, but this would give your house a comfortable and inviting space where people can enjoy the outdoor space together with family and guests. When deciding to build a deck on your property, conduct research on the proper permits needed to build your deck and keep in mind that the structure should be following the standards for decking on your area as this could affect when you opt to sell the property.
  • Best area for entertaining guests – Whether coffee, tea, or wine – breathing in warm, fresh air and feeling the breeze on your face is better than being cramped up in a room. You can also decorate it as much as you like depending on the occasion. It is a great space to share stories, enjoy brunch, and spend time with the people you genuinely care about while soaking up the positive vibes that nature creates.
  • Enjoy the outdoors – Hanging out in nature is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. There are times where you would want to enjoy the outdoors but feel a bit lazy to go for a walk. Decks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while sitting comfortably at your own home, at your own safe space.
  • Customization – Decks are also the best way to give your home a personality. You can contact professionals for opinion on what design fits best for your home and matches your personality. You may also decorate and customize the space as much as you would like. You can turn it into an outdoor kitchen where you can enjoy barbecue nights with your family or place an outdoor fire pit for warmer nights while enjoying a sip of your favorite wine with your loved ones – make it into a livable space and not just a structure.

A house should be a home. Decks are great for creating fun memories, personifying your home, and enjoying the great outdoors without the need to actually go out of your property. Depending on your design preference, it is also a low-cost solution for increasing your property’s value. Whatever you are aiming for, installing a deck is considered a win-win.

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