9 Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Transform your Space

Your bathroom is your safe haven – it is the first place you go to before you start your day and the place where you can wash the day away (both literally and figuratively). Practically, having a sink, toilet, and shower & tubs makes a bathroom functional. However, if you opt to upgrade your current bathroom set-up, these tips can give you an idea and help you decide on how you can improve your bathroom to better suit your needs.

Upgrade your Toilet and Shower

If you have the budget, opt for a luxurious and clog-free toilet. A great addition to your toilet set is a bidet, as it is an Eco-friendly solution. You may also opt for a more advanced toilet – one with automatic flushing and heated seat; more convenient and winter friendly option. For colder days, you may also switch to a steam shower to upgrade your Self-care experience. Although it would mean that it would increase the expense you would be spending for your bathroom remodeling project.

Choose the Correct Color for the Paint

Color influences the vibe. Mix warm and cool tones; lighter colors exude and influence a calmer and serene mood. Add a splash of bolder colors to tie up the room – not too muted and not too loud. Repainting the room would be the most noticeable change you will do in your room. One great tip to remember when deciding where the colors would go, “Dark is below, light is above”, when the lighter color is on the upper portion of the room it can help make the room look more spacious.

Take note of the Details

The design of the bathtub, the paint of the wall, and the lighting, are crucial in tying up the room. Choose an updated bath tub (best option would be the freestanding ones) as this would be the place where you would relax and enjoy your “Me Time” after an exhausting day of grinding and hustling.

The lighting will also affect the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Having a well-lighted vanity is one thing, but take in consideration the lighting fixtures in your bathroom. Consider adding accent lighting as this will improve the ambiance of your bathroom.

Important note: The amount of light and its placement will influence the overall vibe and aesthetic of your bathroom. Allowing natural lighting to enter your space is a great way to make it look spacious.


Much like clothes, accessorizing your bathroom personalizes it. A painting, an essential oil, or a plant (even faux plant) would be a great option. Put in effort on minor details, as though minor, could make an impact on the entirety of the room. Select plants that contribute fits well with the aesthetic of the room, as this can either upgrade or downgrade the space. Remember to also keep in mind the aesthetic you are aiming for and keep it to a minimum to avoid over-crowding your space. It is a bathroom, not a stockroom.

Add a Ventilation Fan

No one likes a humid space filled with mold. Let the air circulate – ventilation fans are a great addition to your bathroom as this can help remove moisture and prevent build-up of mold.

Spice up your Faucet and Sink

Make your bathroom Instagram-friendly by making your sink clog-free. Be sure to select a sink that goes well with your aesthetic (and also budget). Choose a faucet that is both convenient (touch-less) and adds spice to your vanity. Your best options would either be Brass, Chrome, or Copper.

Invest on a Medicine Cabinet

Hide your clutter and create more space in your vanity area. For most people, essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, and make ups take up the most space in the vanity/sink area. This area tends to end up looking messy (and crazy) and could end up stressful. Invest in a medicine cabinet that is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and has great storage for your essentials.

Storage. Storage. Storage.

Remodeling your bathroom would end up as a waste of effort and money if it would just end up looking messy. Consider putting additional storage in your bathroom for your shower essentials and bathroom cleaning essentials to avoid making it look disorganized and cheap.

Refurnish Flooring and Ceiling

Of course, do not forget to refinish the flooring and ceiling as it makes a noticeable improvement for your bathroom. When deciding which option to choose, take into consideration your lifestyle and budget.

Whatever you decide on, be sure that it satisfies you and brings you comfort. Your bathroom is your sanctuary – it is an essential. Personalize, remodel it, and make it yours. If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, contact us at Detroit Construction Solutions today. We would be happy to provide a free estimate and answer any questions that might come up. We would love nothing more than to work with you in relieving the stress of your project needs. To learn more about your options or to get a quote from us, contact us at 586-443-6199 or fill out our contact form here.